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When Trek began in 1976, our mission was simple: Build the best bikes in the world. Today, we’ve added to our mission: Help the world use the bicycle as a simple solution to complex problems.The bicycle is the most efficient form of human transportation. It can combat climate change, ease urban congestion, and build human fitness. It brings us together, yet allows us to escape. And it takes us places we would never see any other way.  Trek. We believe in bikes.


For over 120 years, Raleigh have been creating market-leading bikes in Nottingham.

Today, our product development engineers and graphic designers ensure that the innovation continues and every Raleigh bike has a special level of quality and attention to detail.

The functionality of every bike is important at Raleigh, it must be "fit for purpose" and reliable. To achieve this, high quality materials and components are used throughout. There are many options available, and choosing the right bike is important. First you must decide what kind of riding you will be doing, and this will help determine which type of bike is right for you. Why not use our guide to help find the right bike for you?